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An independant roleplay group for the virtual band Gorillaz. Pick a character, and help thier story grow.

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яυℓєѕ αяє ησω υρ!

gorillazbassist, chaoticaltwitching, nuderu & navynirvana please keep in mind that this setlist of rules will apply to you mainly and will be enforced as such. 

Please read over them and inform the mods if you have a question! 

- мσ∂ {α}

nuderu, chaoticaltwitching & gorillazbassist please be encouraged to follow! Here’s a small biography on him~

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Joseph Ray Zednik has been Applied;

dream-chef-flavors Please have the blog up within the week! Welcome aboard \^_^/

Temporary Leave - Update ;

Since Mod [G] is experiencing some issues with Roleplaying, nuderu, chaoticaltwitching and gorillazbassist, you each have 2 to 3 weeks to be as inactive as they’d like. We understand that its hard to want to Roleplay with such a limited amount of people in the group, [Which is why we are open and encourage you branch out to Roleplayers outside the fandom!] But sometimes we can all use a break from being bored all the time! Everyone has until July 10 of 2014 to be as inactive as they’d like, after that positions will be reopened as per usual. Keep that in mind Guys!

Anonymous: Are the members of your group allowed to interact with other indie Gorillaz RP blogs? Or no?

This group is an Open group. So long as you’re active, not insulting other rpers, starting ship wars & Tagging your triggers its A-Ok by us!

Links and Info have been Updated!

please report any broken links members :)

-Mod [G]

nuderu, studiddle, neverdidnoharm & chaoticaltwitching please be encouraged to follow!

2D & GB Noodle are on a Temporary Hiatus;

Russel and Paula are still available so feel free to reserve either!

The rest of our Genderbent characters are still available so reserve one if interested!

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