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An independant roleplay group for the virtual band Gorillaz. Pick a character, and help thier story grow.

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This group is an Open group. So long as you’re active, not insulting other rpers, starting ship wars & Tagging your triggers its A-Ok by us!

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Character Status - Taken~

Name: Noodle

Gender: Female

Birthday: October 31, 1990

Sign: Scorpio

Age: 23

Years Active: 1998-2006, 2010-present

Noodle arrived on Murdoc Niccals’ doorstep in a FedEx crate, in immediate response to the ad they placed for a guitarist in NME. She couldn’t speak English beyond the word “Noodle”, thus earning her name. She quickly got settled in England with Gorillaz, and was accepted as the fourth member of the band.

Character Status : Taken~

Birth name: Stuart Pot - Also known as: 2D , Stu-Pot.

Gender: Male

Birthday: May 23, 1978

Sign : Gemini

Age: 36 

Years Active: 1998-present.

Frontman and the signature half-wit of the group, Stuart “2D” Pot is the voice and pretty boy of the Band. Born in West Sussex to David and Rachel Pot, Stu always had a tolerance and love for music of all types. 2D sings and plays keyboard. He can play guitar, as can Murdoc , but both leave it to Noodle . In most cases, 2D’s singing voice is much lower than his warbly speaking voice. His vocal range is very wide, and he has sung everything from Baritone to a falsetto Soprano.

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Name: Russel Hobbs.

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 3, 1975 [Happy late birthday Mate!]

Sign: Gemini

Age: 39

Years Active: 1998-2006, 2012-present~

A hip-hop hard man from
Brooklyn, New York, Russel draws
upon spooky spirit mates to help
guide his beats. The spirits that
live within Russel’s hunking frame
and pop out every so often to
provide some undead rapping.
Russel himself is well adjusted,
with an enviable wardrobe. Very
polite, educated and is a great
musician. Without Russel, Gorillaz
couldn’t survive: he’s the safety
net, the linebacker and the true
defender. Women love his solid
safety, men love his solid
credentials. Multiple trainer owner
and has a vast appetite.

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Character Status : Available~

Name : Paula Cracker

Years Active 1998-1999

Paula Cracker is one of 2D ‘s well known ex-girlfriends and the ex-guitarist for when the group was known as “Gorilla”. She was eventualy caught by Russel having an affair with Murdoc in the Kong Studio toilets and was kicked out of the group, only to be replaced by the young Noodle.

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Character Status - Available ~
Name: Cyborg Noodle. - (Also just referred to as Cyborg) 
Place of Origin: Unknown
Years Active: 2009-2011

Cyborg Noodle is the artificial successor of Noodle. She was created by the self proclaimed leader of the Gorillaz, Murdoc Niccals, as a replacement for the bands guitarist whose whereabouts were unknown at the time. Aside from her built in knowledge of musical instruments and theory, Cyborg Noodle also has a vast knowledge of weapons, fighting techniques, as well as basic skills. Unlike the original Noodle’s reserved and calm nature, Cyborg Noodle was programmed by Murdoc to take even the riskiest tasks without hesitation by any means necessary; her in some ways a robotic servant/soldier. Murdoc refers to her as his bodyguard.

Russel, Murdoc, and Paula are still available at this time so reserve them while you can!

Noodle is Pending;
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